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Schwarzwolf thermo underpants are made of polypropylen fiberwith antibacterial treatment with silver ionts. The main advantageof this material is to keep stable dry and pleasant feeling on yourskin. It has zero absorption and thermal insulation features thatprotect body against outside temperature (it keeps you warm inwinter and cool in summer). Underpants are durable against longlastingodor. They´re ultra light. Just wash in lukewarm water.After drying in a towel, you can wear its again in 5–10 minutes.Material: 100 % polypropylen with Ag. Recommended branding: silkscreen printing S3. Maximum imprint size: 80 × 40 mm.

Product number: T3300100ED1
In stock: 2 pieces
Price: 44,85 € without VAT

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