We planted the trees!

As we have already informed you, we have decided to compensate for the carbon footprint produced during the production and transport of our favorite outdoor brand advertising items Schwarzwolf. And we have already begun to keep our promise. On April 10 this year, on beautiful Saturday, we planted the first 51 trees in two alleys. It happened in the charming South Moravian village of Viničné Šumice, under the supervision of a real expert, Mr. Radek Vičar, from the company www.sazimestromy.cz, who will see to it that the trees prosper in the future. We are very happy that our planted cherries, plums and hornbeams will decorate the landscape. We also estimated to compensate for approximately 150t of CO2e, which will remove these trees from the atmosphere due to photosynthesis during their lifetime.

The iMi Partner team


Cerfificate of carbon tracking