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SCHWARZWOLF DELGADA outdoor flashlight

his practical and ecological rechargeable Schwarzwolf
lighter will be handy during your trip in nature. The lighter
works on the basis of electric discharge instead of a flame.
Charging can be done by using the micro USB port of
the lighter, allowing it to be charged by connecting it to any
computer or other compatible power source with an output
voltage DV 5V±0,5V and output current below 3000 mA.
The lighter includes a lithium battery with a capacity 220 mAh. The charging time of lighter is 1 - 2 hours and full lighter lasts approximately one week or after 100-200 sparks. Comes with USB micro cable

Product number: F2301000AJ3
In stock: 3000 pieces on the way arriving on 30.7.2021
Price: 24,75 € without VAT

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