SCHWARZWOLF DELGADA Outdoor flashlight

Schwarzwolf rechargeable outdoor fashlight with wrist strap that contains CREE T6 diode. Thanks to the extending head it allows you to regulate the focalization and switch power of the light. It has 5 modes of lighting: weak, medium, stronger, flashing and SOS. Comes with a rechargeable battery with 2200 mAh capacity and USB Micro cabel. Flashlight can be also used with 3AAA bateries. Packed in a Schwarzwolf gift box. Luminosity: 270 lumens. Recommended printing tehnology: laser L1. Maximum print size: 20 × 5 mm. Dimensions: 14.7 × 3.5 cm, extending length 16,5 cm, wrist strap – 21 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e6352.

Product number: F2301000AJ3
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