SCHWARZWOLF DENALI Set of 2 walking sticks

Set of 2 Schwarzwolf telescopic walking sticks. The sticks are made of Duralumin which makes them light and stable. They have 3 sections, optional snow caps and a Speed-Lock system which allows for easy setup. The handles are ergonomically shaped and their adjustable length allows you to place your hand on the handle in more diffcult terrain. The sticks have easily adjustable wrist straps. Included in the package is a practical clamp to hold the sticks together. Packed in a practical polyester bag. Weight: 530g/set without a case. Material: Duralumin, EVA, cork, polyester. Recommended printing technology: laser engraving L1, silkscreen printing S3 on bag. Maximum imprint size: 150 × 80 mm. Dimensions: lenght (folded) 64 cm, (extended) max. 135 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e6843.

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