Schwarzwolf rechargeable head lamp with 5 LED diodes (main diode, 2 side diodes, 2 red side diodes). The head lamp has 3 modes of lighting: strong, weak, red. Thanks to its recharging it saves the environment. When the battery is fully charged, it lights up for up to 6–12 hours. Comes with USB-C cabel.
Packed in a gift box.
Luminosity: 250 lumens.
Recommended printing technology: pad printing T3, magicprint.
Maximum print size: pad printing 20 × 6 mm, magicprint 60 × 20 mm.
Dimensions: head lamp 6 × 4 × 4.2 cm, belt 62 × 2.5 cm.
Carbon footprint: gCO2 e3265.

Product number: F2308800AJ3
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