SCHWARZWOLF DENALI Set of 2 walking sticks SCHWARZWOLF DENALI Set of 2 walking sticks

Set of 2 Schwarzwolf telescopic walking sticks. The sticks are made of Duralumin which makes them light and stable. They have 3 sections, optional snow caps and a Speed-Lock system which allows for easy setup. The handles are ergonomically shaped and their adjustable length allows you to place your hand on the handle in more diffcult terrain. The sticks have easily adjustable wrist straps. Included in the package is a practical clamp to hold the sticks together. Packed in a practical polyester bag. Weight: 530g/set without a case. Material: Duralumin, EVA, cork, polyester. Recommended printing technology: laser engraving L1, silkscreen printing S3 on bag. Maximum imprint size: 150 × 80 mm. Dimensions: lenght (folded) 64 cm, (extended) max. 135 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e6843.

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Soft and lightweight Schwarzwolf sleeping bag. It is produced from 190T polyester with filling from 210T microfibre 250 g/m2, in mummy shape, quilted and with drawstring hood. Comfort zone 11 °C, extreme zone -7 °C. Weight: 1350 g. Material: 190T polyester, 210T microfibre. Recommended printing technology: silkscreen printing S3. Maximum imprint size: 100 × 100 mm. Dimensions: length 220 cm, width at the widest part 80 cm, width at the narrower part 55 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e25250.

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SCHWARZWOLF LAKAS Dynamo light and USB charges SCHWARZWOLF LAKAS Dynamo light and USB charges

Dynamo flashlight Schwarzwolf, with USB mobile phone charger. Including USB cabel compatible with latest Nokia phones. You can also use your own USB cabel. Recommended branding: pad print T3 Dimensions: 12 x 5.3 x 3.2 cm Weight: 108g without box. Packed in Schwarzwolf Outdoor gift box.

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Schwarzwolf rechargeable flashlight with a wrist strap, that can be also used as a powerbank for emergency charging of your phone with output DC 5V/1A. It contains 5W XPG diode. It has 3 modes of lighting: strong, flashing and SOS. If you press the button longer you can switch on a dimmer light. The flashlight offers a possibility to change zoom and includes charging indicator light. Comes with a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium battery with 2000mAh capacity and USB-C recharging cable. The charging time of battery is 3 hours, discharging time 4,5 hours. Packed in a gift box. Luminosity: 250 lumens Recommended printing technology: laser L1 Maximum print size: 30 × 7 mm Dimensions: 12.4 × 2.5 cm Carbon footprint: gCO2e 4933

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Schwarzwolf outdoor set includes: folding stainlesssteel knife with belt clip, multifunction BANDANAscarf, 10 × 25 binoculars and black neoprene pouch.Packed in Schwarzwolf Outdoor gift box.Recommended branding: silkscreen printing S3,pad printing T3, laser engraving L1. Maximum branding size: 50 × 40 mm. Dimensions: 8 × 13 × 5 cm.

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SCHWARZWOLF LATEMAR Multifunctional spoon SCHWARZWOLF LATEMAR Multifunctional spoon

Multifunctional Schwarzwolf spoon includes a knife and its end with teeth can be used as a fork, together being ideal cutlery for your camping. Comes in a bag and packed in a Schwarzwolf gift box. Material: S/S 2CR14 steel. Recommended printing technology: laser engraving L1. Maximum imprint size: 25 × 7 mm. Dimensions: in folded estate 15 cm, in unfolded estate 21 cm, spoon and fork 6.5 cm, knife 6 cm. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e679.

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SCHWARZWOLF BENGO Multifunctional powerbank with capacity of 1400 mAh SCHWARZWOLF BENGO Multifunctional powerbank with capacity of 1400 mAh

Multifunctional Schwarzwolf powerbank withcapacity of 1400 mAh. Included 1W LED light withflashing mode and strong light mode, car charger,status LED diode, magnet, safety belt knife andhammer on glass. DC Input (car charger): 12V~24V,DC Input (USB): 5V/800mA, DC Output (car charger):5V/2A, DC Output (powerbank): 5V/1,5A. IncludedUSB cable. Packed in Schwarzwolf Outdoor gift box.Luminosity: 45 lumens. Material: Aluminium/ABS. Recommended branding: laser engraving L1,pad printing T2. Maximum imprint size: 18 × 7 mm. Dimensions: 14.5 × 3 × 3 cm.

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SCHWARZWOLF LUCA Watt Utility Camping Lantern SCHWARZWOLF LUCA Watt Utility Camping Lantern

Schwazwolf camping light/lantern with three modes of lighting. Strong light, weak light and fashing mode. Manual included. Packed in a Schwarzwolf Outdoor gift box. Luminosity: 60 lumens. Recommended printing technology: uv tisk UV3. Maximum imprint size: 50 × 8 mm. Dimensions: unfolded O 8.5 × 13.5 cm, folded O 8.5 × 5 cm 3 × AA. Batteries included. Carbon footprint: gCO2 e5001.

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