SCHWARZWOLF ZAGROS Rechargeable Flashlight

Schwarzwolf rechargeable flashlight with a wrist strap, that can be also used as a powerbank for emergency charging of your phone with output DC 5V/1A. It contains
5W XPG diode. It has 3 modes of lighting: strong, flashing and SOS. If you press the button longer you can switch on a dimmer light. The flashlight offers a possibility
to change zoom and includes charging indicator light. Comes with a rechargeable 3.7V Lithium battery with 2000mAh capacity and USB-C recharging cable.
The charging time of battery is 3 hours, discharging time 4,5 hours. Packed in a gift box.
Luminosity: 250 lumens
Recommended printing technology: laser L1
Maximum print size: 30 × 7 mm
Dimensions: 12.4 × 2.5 cm
Carbon footprint: gCO2e 4933

Product number: F2308700AJ3
In stock: 1000 pieces on the way arriving on 30.7.2024
Price: 22,77 € without VAT

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